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The Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (Dixie MPO) is designated by the state of Utah to oversee transportation planning in the urbanized and urbanizing areas in Utah’s Washington County — historically known as “Utah’s Dixie.”

The Dixie MPO boundaries encompass St. George City, Washington City, Santa Clara City, Ivins City and portions of unincorporated Washington County. Member jurisdictions which comprise the Dixie MPO include Washington County, St. George City, Washington City, Santa Clara City, Ivins City, and the Utah Department of Transportation. For more information on the Dixie MPO please click on the “About the MPO” and ” Mission Statement” links below.

This web site provides information about public notices and agendas for meetings of the Organization’s technical advisory committee known as the Dixie Transportation Advisory Committee (DTAC) and the Organization’s policy approving body known as the Dixie Transportation Executive Council (DTEC).

This web site and the navigation links at the bottom of each page contain information on transportation issues and project sequencing to meet the area’s transportation needs through 2050.

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Transit Study: St. George to Springdale

Dixie TIP

Transportation Improvement Program


Each year Dixie MPO seeks public input on actions taken on the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). In July 2020, the MPO identified $2.3 million in funds that would be programmed to projects in STIP Year 2024.  Use the link below to view the current TIP.

Link to the Dixie TIP web page