Seeking Public Comment: Amendment #2 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan

The Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (Dixie MPO) is seeking public comments from February 1, 2018 to March 5, 2018 on Amendment # 2 to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan. The Plan (established in 2015) identifies transportation projects needed over the next 25 years in the St. George Urbanized Area and the Hurricane Urbanizing Area.

The City of St. George formally requested in January 2018 that two regionally-significant projects be added to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan.

Washington City also requested an amendment to the Plan due to traffic demand changes anticipated in the city’s Green Springs area due to a shift in residential development.

After a detailed analysis of these requests and careful consideration by the Dixie MPO Executive Commission, the following amendments to the 2015-2040 Dixie MPO Regional Transportation Plan are proposed:

  1. Revise cost estimates within Phase 1 of the Plan to reflect actual costs of completed projects and current engineer estimates
  2. Add a Phase 1 project: 100 South Underpass at I-15 in St. George
  3. Add a Phase 2 project: 700 South Underpass at I-15 in St. George
  4. Split Phase 1 Project #56  (Northern Washington Parkway Corridor, Red Hills Parkway to MP 13 – Environmental) into two separate projects with revised cost estimates:
    1. Project #56.a.: Washington Parkway (Green Springs to I-15 Exit 13) – Widening and New Construction – $7,000,000
    2. Project #56.b.: Northern Corridor (Red Hills Parkway to Washington Parkway) Environmental and Right-of-Way Acquisition – $4,000,000

The need for the two St. George underpass widening projects (100 South and 700 South) are discussed in a detailed memo. The Executive Commission determined that the projects could be added to Phase 1 (100 South) and Phase 2 (700 South) of the RTP.

Splitting the Washington Parkway project (Phase 1, Project 56) into two separate sections is required to accommodate the different environments of the two sections.

Housing developments in the north Green Springs area of Washington City will require an access roadway from north Green Springs to I-15’s Exit 13 to immediately relieve traffic demands at I-15’s Exit 10 and serve to reduce congestion throughout the Green Springs area. Washington City recently acquired the road right-of-way from property owners in this section, identified funds to build the project, and are ready to move forward with the projects section that is currently on Washington City’s Master Transportation Plan.

The Northern Corridor from Red Hills Parkway (Green Springs are) to Washington Parkway, must still undergo an environmental study phase to determine the least impactful alignment for a roadway. Therefore this section of roadway must remain in “Environmental Study and Right-of-Way Acquisition” status in Phase 1.

The proposed Amendments are highlighted in yellow here.

Comments will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Monday, March 5, 2018, in person, or by mail to the Dixie MPO, 1070 W. 1600 South, Building B, St. George, UT 84770. Or via e-mail:

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Transit Study: St. George to Springdale?

The St. George to Springdale Public Transit Feasibility Study is now available. The study was conducted by the KFH Group, Inc. under contract with the Five County Association of Governments and the Dixie MPO.

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2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan

The 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is the culmination of transportation planning efforts for urban areas of Washington County, Utah.

The purpose of an RTP is to foster a coordinated plan for the transportation of people, goods, and services by focusing on safety, air quality, congestion management, corridor preservation, public transit, pedestrian movement, and respect for environmental constraints.

The plan is available on this web site as the Full Document or as individual chapters:

Chapter 1 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Need and Purpose

Chapter 3 Vision and Mission

Chapter 4 Projected Transportation Demand

Chapter 5 Financial Plan

Chapter 6 – Existing and Proposed Facilities

Chapter 7 Safety Management

Chapter 8 – Security

Chapter 9 Congestion Management

Chapter 10 – Corridor Preservation

Chapter 11 Environmental Mitigation

Chapter 12 Active Transportation

Chapter 13 Transit Service

Chapter 14 Public Involvement

Chapter 15 Freight

APPENDIX A – Maps Index


Appendix D.1 — Public Comments and Responses

Appendix D.2 TranspoExpoReportFinal_2015_3-17

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Washington Parkway Study: Integration of East-West Transportation Needs with Conservation Objectives for Desert Tortoise in Washington County, Utah

Several transportation-related issues exist today on the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Furthermore, the capaicity of current roadway networks outside the reserve will not support future traffic demands. The Washington Parkway Study: Integration of East-West Transportation Needs with Conservation Objectives for Desert Tortoise in Washington County, Utah (NWP_Final_Report) illustrates that a context sensitive approach to roadway design and associated management can ameliorate many existing threats, contribute to improving conditions, and provide future management options for the tortoise on the Reserve. The study further recommends a process whereby agencies could work cooperatively to identify a roadway that contributes to the conservation of the tortoise and its habitat while addressing long-term transportation needs.

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Bluff Street Environmental Assessment

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has determined that no significant impacts will occur as a result of the Bluff Street; St. George Boulevard to Red Hills Parkway project, and has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).  A copy of the FONSI and the EA are available on the project website (Here).

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Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study Published

The Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study evaluates the feasibility of providing transit service between Hurricane and Springdale, which would serve Zion National Park and communities along the corridor.

The purpose of the Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study is 1) to evaluate the potential demand for transit ridership between Hurricane and Springdale, 2) to identify and define the characteristics of a transit service that matches the context of the study corridor and its expected transit ridership demand, and 3) to
estimate the cost to implement and then run such a transit service.

To view the Transit Study please use THIS LINK or the “Plans, Reports & Studies” web page using the link button at the bottom of any page on this web site.  On that page look for the “Just Posted” tag.

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Dixie Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

This study evaluated the feasibility of establishing rapid transit service between the City of St. George, Hurricane City, and the new St. George Airport. The study was commissioned by the Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (Dixie MPO) to examine Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – a rubber-tired transit system similar to light rail, but with greater operating flexibility and potentially lower costs.

To view that study please use THIS LINK (Note: this is a 1.98MB PDF file that requires a PDF viewer)

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I-15 South Environmental Assessment

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)  is currently undertaking an environmental assessment on I-15 in the southern portion of Washington County. The purpose of the I-15 South Environmental Assessment (EA) project is to prepare a study to consider transportation improvements to I-15 between Mileposts 0 and 16, a distance of approximately 16 miles. The project area runs through the City of St. George and Washington City.

To learn more about this environmental assessment, please use THIS LINK (This is a web link to a UDOT web page)

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