2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan

The 2015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is the culmination of transportation planning efforts for urban areas of Washington County, Utah.

The purpose of an RTP is to foster a coordinated plan for the transportation of people, goods, and services by focusing on safety, air quality, congestion management, corridor preservation, public transit, pedestrian movement, and respect for environmental constraints.

The plan is available on this web site as the Full Document or as individual chapters:

Chapter 1 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Need and Purpose

Chapter 3 Vision and Mission

Chapter 4 Projected Transportation Demand

Chapter 5 Financial Plan

Chapter 6 – Existing and Proposed Facilities

Amended Projects & Phasing Table for the Regional Transportation Plan 2015-2040.    This table replaces the one contained in Chapter 6, above, as well as what is shown in the Full Document linked to near the top of this page.  Of particular note was amending the Phase One list by the addition of a Project #59:  “Initial SR-9 Interchange Modifications“.  This list amendment took place by the Dixie MPO Executive Council on May 18, 2016. Use this link to the minutes where that action took place: LINK TO MINUTES

Chapter 7 Safety Management

Chapter 8 – Security

Chapter 9 Congestion Management

Chapter 10 – Corridor Preservation

Chapter 11 Environmental Mitigation

Chapter 12 Active Transportation

Chapter 13 Transit Service

Chapter 14 Public Involvement

Chapter 15 Freight

APPENDIX A – Maps Index
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Appendix D.1 — Public Comments and Responses

Appendix D.2 TranspoExpoReportFinal_2015_3-17