Transit Study: St. George to Springdale

The St. George to Springdale Public Transit Feasibility Study is now available. The study was conducted by the KFH Group, Inc. under contract with the Five County Association of Governments and the Dixie MPO.

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Washington Parkway Study: Integration of East-West Transportation Needs with Conservation Objectives for Desert Tortoise in Washington County, Utah

Several transportation-related issues exist today on the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Furthermore, the capaicity of current roadway networks outside the reserve will not support future traffic demands. The Washington Parkway Study: Integration of East-West Transportation Needs with Conservation Objectives for Desert Tortoise in Washington County, Utah (NWP_Final_Report) illustrates that a context sensitive approach to roadway design and associated management can ameliorate many existing threats, contribute to improving conditions, and provide future management options for the tortoise on the Reserve. The study further recommends a process whereby agencies could work cooperatively to identify a roadway that contributes to the conservation of the tortoise and its habitat while addressing long-term transportation needs.

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Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study Published

The Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study evaluates the feasibility of providing transit service between Hurricane and Springdale, which would serve Zion National Park and communities along the corridor.

The purpose of the Hurricane to Zion Canyon Transit Study is 1) to evaluate the potential demand for transit ridership between Hurricane and Springdale, 2) to identify and define the characteristics of a transit service that matches the context of the study corridor and its expected transit ridership demand, and 3) to
estimate the cost to implement and then run such a transit service.

To view the Transit Study please use THIS LINK or the “Plans, Reports & Studies” web page using the link button at the bottom of any page on this web site.  On that page look for the “Just Posted” tag.

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Dixie Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

This study evaluated the feasibility of establishing rapid transit service between the City of St. George, Hurricane City, and the new St. George Airport. The study was commissioned by the Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (Dixie MPO) to examine Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – a rubber-tired transit system similar to light rail, but with greater operating flexibility and potentially lower costs.

To view that study please use THIS LINK (Note: this is a 1.98MB PDF file that requires a PDF viewer)

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I-15 South Environmental Assessment

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)  is currently undertaking an environmental assessment on I-15 in the southern portion of Washington County. The purpose of the I-15 South Environmental Assessment (EA) project is to prepare a study to consider transportation improvements to I-15 between Mileposts 0 and 16, a distance of approximately 16 miles. The project area runs through the City of St. George and Washington City.

To learn more about this environmental assessment, please use THIS LINK (This is a web link to a UDOT web page)

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